When you’re looking for a daycare to send your child to, it’s important to consider the daycare’s programming and activities. How staff teach and engage with the children has a positive impact on your child’s education and skills development.

Importance of Daycare

It Fosters Curiosity, Imagination and Exploration

It Encourages Communication and Language Development

It Practices Good Concentration and Nurtures Future Skills

It Promotes Physical Development

It Supports the Ability to Play Independently


Gross Motor Activities

Gross motor activities are a great way for kids to spend all that energy that gets built up!


Fine Motor Activities

Fine motor activities work on the little movements that kids need. They'll help strengthen those little muscles to get them ready to write!


Messy Play & Sensory Activities

We encourage our children to engage in messy and sensory play as much as possible as the many benefits are worth it. Sensory activities helps children to use their sense of sound, taste, sight, and smell.


Learning Activities

Teaching interpersonal skills, basic Phonics sounds, numeracy, basic manners, and applying these skills throughout the school year is the recipe for success.