While most parents consider Kindergarten the official start of their child’s education, the years preceding this milestone are an important time for learning as well. Children enter Kindergarten usually at around four years old – but the first five years of life are a critical period for setting the foundations of learning.  In fact, the preschool years may be the most important learning time of all.

Preschool education is now considered not just a good idea, but very important for a child’s scholastic success. "At preschool, they become exposed to numbers, letters, and shapes. And, most importantly, they learn how to socialize — get along with other children, share, contribute to circle time."



The preschoolers learn, understand and use a wide variety of new words. They learn to read and write and can identify sounds. They are introduced to stories, picture reading and the concept of a library, which will enhance their imagination.

Numbers Game


The math curriculum for preschool includes teaching the little ones to count, measure, identify and create patterns, use number and word symbols, and more. Your child will hence be ever ready to explore even more numbers and apply it to his/her everyday life. With play-based lessons, learning about numbers can become an interesting and enjoyable quest!

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Children at Grassroots get a hang of expressing themselves through art, and drawing and coloring activities, strengthen their motor development., we do not limit their creativity and instead encourage them to express themselves freely through different sessions of craft work. You will be pleasantly surprised at what a child can create with his/her fullest imagination.

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Junior master chefs in the making! Here at Grassroots, we provide the safest environment and recipes for your child to cook up a variety of innovative and delicious meals!